Hair Removal Advice?

Answer Removing unwanted hair is the common bane of human existence. But there are basically seven ways to remove unwanted hair: shaving, epilating, chemical application, plucking, waxing, laser treatment... Read More »

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Please help. Need advice on leech removal and disposal?

WHAT?? Goddess is married?? well now, this changes absolutely nothing

Hair styling advice. Is it possible to scrunch super straight hair?

Well, I have jet straight hair, too and I always scrunch my hair! All my friends and classmates say it looks great! I had to experiment to find a way. The way I do this is:1) After getting out o... Read More »

Hair style advice for senior pictures (Collarbone length hair)?

I could not see the first picture.. but i think it is better to go straight if it looks like that.You have to worry more about what you wear when you wear it. Are you putting your cap on first? Are... Read More »

Hair Removal Techniques for Thin Skin & Coarse Hair?

Coarse body hair is largely genetically dictated. The genes, being the despotic dictators that they sometimes are, don't bother taking a vote and letting the individual weigh in on just how much a... Read More »