Hair Problems Help!!?

Answer DONT BRUSH YOUR HAIR WHEN ITS WET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!when your hair is wet, it is at its most FRAGILE state!!! Mo WONDER lots of hair comes out when you brushed it while it was wet!!!! M... Read More »

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Growing hair problems HELP OMG ?

So obviously you want to grow your hair out longer, yes??Well, there's not real way to get your hair to grow faster.. But eating healthy and stuff is super good for your hair, and rubbing your scal... Read More »

Help with testicle problems. Need help desperately!?

1. After surgery, your left testicle should have descended on par with the right one.2. Now, you are as good as anyone to participate in sex and produce children.3. No need to worry about cancer @ ... Read More »

Hair loss And hair problems?

Okay get a fringe because they hide gross foreheads I bet yours isn't that bad but yeah and hair falls out if you're stressed or do you use heat on it often like hair dryer, straitners or curlers m... Read More »

Computer problems hw help?

1 b. microprocessor2 b. A smaller system that can be more easily controlled is developed to meet the highest-priority requirements.3 d. All of these 4. c. Results can be ambiguous. 5. d. filter.