Hair Loss Caused by Heat Straightening?

Answer Motorcycles rely on air filters to prevent dirt and debris from entering the engine's sensitive internal parts. A faulty, damaged or improperly maintained air filter can create a loss of performan... Read More »

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Is Hair Loss Caused by Hair Dye Reversible?

The reversibility of hair loss caused by hair dye is dependent on the severity of damage. If the hair is overly damaged, it may continue to break off, resulting in more hair loss. However, most hai... Read More »

Hair Loss Disorders Caused by Perm Chemicals?

The chemicals used in permanents as well as hot oil hair treatments can result in swelling of the hair follicles because they can become inflamed, notes. Inflammation is detrimenta... Read More »

Excessive Sock-wearing Caused Ankle Hair Loss. Workman's Comp Time?

Depends. Did you also suffer excessive toe jam from wearing the alleged socks? You might have a case then.

Can one recover from statin caused memory loss?

On One Hand: Documented RecoveriesSeveral studies have documented recovery from statin-induced memory loss. Over 50 percent of people experience immediate improvement when they stop taking the medi... Read More »