Hair Dos From the 1950s?

Answer Just as they did in the 1920s, many women cut their hair short in the 1950s. As opposed to boyish straight bobs though, women's styles in the '50s were all about curls and a feminine silhouette. Wo... Read More »

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Hair Updos From the 1950s?

The 1950s left us with strong legacies including Elvis, Leave it to Beaver and poodle skirts. In the era where most women were still domestic goddesses, and never left the house looking a mess, fab... Read More »

How to Do 1950s Hair?

Two common hairstyles of the 1950's were the poodle hairstyle for women and the ducktail hairstyle for men. The poodle hairstyle was often worn by Lucille Ball, the star from the television series ... Read More »

How to Use 1950s Hair Curlers?

Hair curlers were all the rage in the 1950s. If you didn't have beautifully curly hair, you clearly weren't spending enough time on your appearance. Women in the 50s often permed their hair at ho... Read More »

1950s Hair Cuts?

The 1950s was a time of glamour and prosperity in America,. The world war was over, and women were now economically active. Hairstyles were chic and classic to reflect the era, and much time and mo... Read More »