Hair Colors That Suit Winter Tone Women?

Answer Winter is a cool tone. Following the principles of color analysis, winter-tone women -- those whose skin tone tends to contrast dramatically with their eye and hair colors -- often are dark-haired ... Read More »

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What Colors Suit Your Skin Tone?

Light, medium or olive and brown are the three main skin tones. Caucasians generally have porcelain, light-skinned complexions. Latinos, people of mixed race and Asians generally have an olive or m... Read More »

Hair Colors That Match a Medium Skin Tone?

People with middle skin tones have the most versatility when selecting hair color that complements their skin stone. Medium skin tones from dark olive to tawny have degrees of reddish-gold underto... Read More »

Hair Colors That Will Match a Medium Skin Tone?

A medium skin tone is a versatile canvas for hair color. Medium skin tones with no color in cheeks fall into the cool-toned category for skin. If you have yellow or golden undertones, you have warm... Read More »

How to Find Colors That Suit You?

Everyone likes to look good and part of looking good is finding out what colors suit you best. You can accomplish this through trial and error but a quicker way is to follow the Winter, Summer, Spr... Read More »