Hair Color Ideas for Blondes?

Answer Blondes have an advantage when coloring their hair. Since their natural color is already light, the hair will take virtually any color. Blonde hair is also easy to lighten and highlight with minima... Read More »

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What hair color should I use that is best for blondes?

On One Hand: Tonal QualityChoosing the correct tonal quality is the most important aspect of color selection. Blonde colors with beige, violet and blue tonal qualities often work best as these tone... Read More »

Why does everyone HATE blondes I mean come on it's just a hair color!?

People dont hate blondes, the stereotype is that Blondes are dumb. Also in media, the Blondes are always the most beautiful, a lot of people become very jealous of this fact

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What Color Looks Good on Dark Blondes With Pale Skin?

Epsom salt, the same product that helps to exfoliate your skin and soothe sore muscles, may also provide benefits for your plants. The white crystal-like substance contains magnesium sulfate. Many ... Read More »