Haggis, only 1 leg.?

Answer No-the missing leg was though.

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My ethnic potluck is today and I've decided to represent my Scottish roots with haggis, but I've only a?

This will not answer your question but it will solve the problem of *** ***,love a Cantheist..a vegan Haggis is.... Oatmeal.

Is a haggis an animal?

Haggis is a traditional Scottish food made from minced sheep offal--parts like the liver, lungs and heart. The offal is combined with spices, onion and oatmeal. Haggis is not a real animal, but poe... Read More »

How to Heat Haggis?

Many people have bought Haggis but when cooking it the skin bursts and they give up on the idea...This is a much easier option to the traditional method of boiling it

Who invented haggis?

Haggis – a product of the entrails of a sheep or calf, oatmeal and onions boiled in the animal’s stomach – originated in Scotland, according to tradition, but food historian Catherine Brown c... Read More »