Had unprotected sex your tummy feels weird?

Answer I get that feeling a lot.Then I usually go eat something and it goes away. If that doesn't work I usually have sex again with my girlfriend.

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If im vomitting 5 days after having sex and your stomach feels weird am you pregnant?

Very possibly, although it usually takes 10 or more days for symptoms to show. It sounds a little early for morning sickness after 5 days. Consider that this may be from a previous sexual experienc... Read More »

My Wrist Feels Weird?

If you had it on for a while then your wrist probably just got used to it being there and when you took it off, your wrist must have felt it was missing something. As far as I'm aware, it is a comm... Read More »

My jaw feels weird Help me please?

the muscles in the back of your jaw are getting tight and need to be released. Here is how to do that:Put your fingers on your head so your thumbs are behind your ears. Place your thumbs next to ... Read More »

Can't breathe, heart feels weird?

It sounds like a panic attack. I've had them before, and witnessed a friend having them. It sucks, I know. The important thing is to stay calm. Try not thinking about how bad you're feeling. Put in... Read More »