Had to drop classes...will I be able to get money from FAFSA again?

Answer FAFSA doesn't actually give money. It's just a way to verify how much money your family makes and can contribute to your cost of education. Think of it like the difference between a credit check (t... Read More »

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Is there anyone that has ever left million dollar money drop with any money?

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How exactly do you use FAFSA money?

Technically, the FAFSA doesn't actually give you any money. It's a form that tells the schools you apply to what your EFC will be. From that, the financial aid office at the schools to which you a... Read More »

Does FAFSA let you use the money they give you however you want to?

1. FAFSA only considers your and your family's income. If you have a very good GPA, then the college you go to may give you a scholarship in addition to financial aid; also, see if your church has ... Read More »

Getting the money i got from fafsa to my college.?

If you are talking about federal financial aid like the Pell Grant, Stafford Loan, State Grants, etc. then the funds should be disbursed from the Government directly to your school and your student... Read More »