Had no Sky reception since Thursday.?

Answer Try the usual stuff. unplug your box and leave unplugged for one minute, unscrew wire at back then screw back in after the minute is up and plug back, leave another minute and see if the channels ... Read More »

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Is Thursday the new Friday?

i party as soon as i get home#monday/tuesday'' friday//' saturday==8Wednesday23[[ thursdaysunday&%$monday(*%"thursday_+(&^… oh do you fancey adrink o god im pissed

What is your Thursday song of the day?

Mornin Storm.Into the Mystic - Van Morrison…

What does Thursday's child mean?

"Thursday's Child" is an old poem that was used to teach children the order of the days of the week. In the rhyme, the day of the week a child is born on has meaning. For example, "Wednesday's chil... Read More »

HELP:( I broke out really bad and I have school on Thursday...?

Breaking out is just a part of being a teenager. Don't worry about it because EVERYONE gets pimples:) Keep washing your face (morning and night), and use acne products to help the pimples go away. ... Read More »