Had a cocktail in france called a black russian. How do you make it?

Answer 2 parts vodka, 1 part kahlua. Serve over ice.

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How to Make a Black Russian Cocktail?

The opposite of a White Russian, this cocktail's variation is a great after dinner drink. Try this recipe for a Black Russian cocktail.

How to Make a Russian Tea Vodka Cocktail?

A Russian tea vodka cocktail doesn't actually contain any Russian tea. It does have a flavorful mixture of grape schnapps and Coca-Cola, however, so if you want something that'll make your taste bu... Read More »

What is VAT called in france?

In France, the value-added tax (VAT) system is known as "taxe sur la valeur ajoutee," which means literally "tax on the added value." Established on April 10, 1954, the taxe sur la valeur ajoutee i... Read More »

What is a Russian hat called?

Russian hats, called ushankas, feature ear flaps that may be worn flipped up out of the way or down to protect the ears from the bitter Russian winters. Ushankas may be made from either animal or f... Read More »