Had Surgery last week..?

Answer I think it would be okay to walk but you might try cutting down on how long you walk i would try 15 to 20 minutes starting out then work up from there.

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Surgery next week wondering what to expect?

Do not push more than your therapist suggests, by doing so you could do more damage. Always, always, always listen to your therapist. Keep open communication with them at all times about any unus... Read More »

Should I get professional dental surgery now or get dental surgery at a dental school a week from now?

You are in good hands at USC School of Dentistry. Students are overseen by several dental instructors and professionals. There are clinics available that do extractions at lower costs.*Please refer... Read More »

Is one week off work enough for an adult with sinus surgery and a tonsilectomy?

That is scary good luck I have had this conversation with the Infectious disease Specialist treating the MRSA staff infection in my foot he told my THAT SURGERY IS ONE OF THE TOUGHEST FOR ADULTS TO... Read More »

Major surgery 'booked' for next week.Now they call & say forgot to book hospital.What should I do10 points.?

I would make some more calls, maybe directly to the doctor, maybe something can be done. This just seems to major to me for them to just say they'll fit you in later. If the hospital refuses to do ... Read More »