Had Sex And Now My Vaginal Area Is?

Answer Did you use a condom or anything that could make you irritated down there? or it probably is a yeast infection.

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Is it normal to be 6 weeks pregnant and have very bad cramping and weird pressure in the vaginal area but you're not sore in the chest area?

Answer I would say that very bad cramping could be a sign of miscarriage. That's what happened to me around 5 weeks. My breasts were initially sore but within 12 hours of the miscarriage starting... Read More »

Dark markings on vaginal area?

Why is your mom discussing her health concerns with her daughter instead of discussing them with a doctor?

Help little red bumps deep in vaginal area?

honestly it sounds like you might have a uti which is very common if you have sex and do not use the restroom afterwards. i have had a few there nothing to worry about really you can go to any groc... Read More »

Amoxicillin For UTI Is Causing Horrible Itching In Vaginal Area?

I never heard this but maybe you should ask OK, WHAT CAN I TAKE??Theoretically, any antibiotic can cause a yeast infection. Antibiotics assist the body in eliminating infections caused by bact... Read More »