Hackers see through webcams?

Answer Yes, it is very possible. Even if you Google the right phrases you can get into some webcams and security cams depending on how they are set up. Some trojans have control panels specifically to m... Read More »

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R all local ports from 49152 through 65535 likely to be hackers?

How to Use Webcams?

A webcam, which is used to capture motion pictures, usually connects to a computer with a USB cable. A popular use of webcams is for video chatting. The webcam streams a video of you and your surro... Read More »

Webcams or camcorders?

a webcam need to all ways be connected to the computer, so would be useless for making films, but web cams are very cheap, so you could get him both :)

Video Effects for Webcams?

With the rising distribution of broadband Internet, video chat is now a feasible means of communicating. Sometimes one wishes to have some fun while streaming video of themselves to someone who is ... Read More »