Habitats in Deserts?

Answer Deserts cover around 20 percent of the earth's surface, and are harsh and hostile places, making life in deserts extremely difficult for the creatures that inhabit them. The temperature fluctuates ... Read More »

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Hamster Habitats?

Owning a pet requires knowledge about the habitats, or surroundings, the animal prefers and thrives in. A hamster is a domesticated rodent, weighing about 3.5 ounces, and the males are usually smal... Read More »

Habitats of Fox Squirrels?

Fox squirrels are the largest of North America's native tree squirrels. Coming in a diverse suite of color forms, from all-black to mottled gray-orange, these big squirrels are native to much of th... Read More »

Chimp Habitats?

Chimpanzees are dependent on their habitats for survival. Over time, chimps have evolved and adapted to changes within their habitats. These habitats' location, food sources and the other animals l... Read More »

What are cactus habitats?

Answer #1: They are found mostly in desert areas.Answer #2: There are two main native cactus habitats. One is the hot, dry desert. The other is the warm, humid jungle forest. But the cactus is a mo... Read More »