Habitat of the Giant Green Iguana?

Answer Giant Green Iguanas live up to their name, with males growing in excess of 6 feet in length. Females, however, are smaller and require substantial enclosures if kept as pets. Giant Green Iguanas ca... Read More »

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Giant Green Iguana Facts?

Green iguanas, which have the scientific name "Iguana iguana," are among the most popular reptile pets in the United States. These lizards easily can reach lengths of up to 7 feet, causing many peo... Read More »

Marine Iguana Habitat?

The marine iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus) differs from the more familiar land iguanas in that it spends its time primarily in ocean water or on rocky coasts. Marine iguanas are generally smaller ... Read More »

How do I construct an iguana habitat?

Iguanas, especially baby iguanas, can often be found in pet stores at a reasonable price. It may be easy to keep these baby iguanas in an aquarium for awhile, but eventually they will grow large en... Read More »

How do I find large driftwood or logs for my iguana habitat?

Your BackyardCut limbs from trees in your own yard or ask neighbors to save tree limbs when they prune or cut their trees. Only use branches that have not been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides... Read More »