HVAC Pressure Switch Stuck Open?

Answer Many HVAC units operate with an electric fan motor to blow hot or cool air through the ducts into the various rooms in the building. The motor typically connects to a device known as a pressure swi... Read More »

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Amana Pressure Switch Is Stuck Open?

Amana, a division of Whirlpool Corp., is an American residential appliance manufacturer that's been in business since 1934. The company offers an extensive line of home heating options, including f... Read More »

How to Fix Furnace Problems With a Stuck Pressure Switch?

The pressure switch on a furnace detects when the blower motor is running. Among other features, the switch prevents cold air from blowing through the ductwork until the burner or electric element ... Read More »

The Pressure Switch Is Stuck in a Closed Furnace While It's On?

A gas furnace uses a pressure switch to gauge the level of hot air in the heat exchanger. When the pressure reaches a level sufficient to trip the switch, the blower motor activates to push warm ai... Read More »

My Astro Gear Shift Won't Move When the Ignition Switch Is Stuck?

Occasionally your ignition key will become stuck in the ignition cylinder of your Chevy Astro Van. If this happens, you will be unable to move the gear shift to leave Park. You can troubleshoot thi... Read More »