HV40 vs T2i Help choosing a camera?

Answer The HV40 is a camcorder designed to capture HDV-format high definition video and audio to miniDV tape. This is a GREAT camcorder if your computer has a firewire port. It can capture stills to a mem... Read More »

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Camera choosing help?

There could be suggestions from the photography class that could help you. They will know the direction the instruction will go, so be better able to advise you."35mm camera with 5 megapixels?/pixe... Read More »

Help choosing a video camera?

Maybe either a Panasonic GH2 or a Canon t3i, 60d or HV40. They are all very high end cameras, but they are also very expensive. The GH2, t3i and the 60d are all DSLRs and the HV40 is an HDV. I u... Read More »

Help choosing a professional camera?

Both are great amcorder but I would recommend Canon XH-A1S, newer model of Canon XH-A1.Auto focus is very fast, excellent video quality…

Help with choosing a camera?

The Canon T3i is an excellent choice. You might want to compare it with the Nikon D5100.…