HV40 sequence settings on adobe premiere pro QUICK HELP PLEASE?

Answer I am not clear on what you are doing here, is this the new project /new sequence settings, or import settings, or what you want the final output to be.Always import and work with compressed video i... Read More »

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Graphics card help LENOVO U400 AND ADOBE PREMIERE PRO?

Well first thing to check, be sure your hardware meets Adobe's minimum system requirements, including tested and recommended graphics cards

Can Premiere Pro CS3 files be opened in Adobe Premiere Elements?

Files created with the Adobe Creative Suite 3, or CS3, can be opened by any of the programs included in Suite 3. This means that files created using Premiere Pro CS3 can be opened with the Adobe P... Read More »

Okay... have a Canon HV20 and Adobe premiere... cant get my HD tapes in 24p mode onto the computer... ANY HELP?

The CS3 version of Premiere Pro works great with the HV20 but anything earlier does not. Your best bet may be to try importing video using HDVSplit, which is a freeware app and then taking the vide... Read More »

Need Help With Prosumer Camcorder Settings. Quick!?

Good question. In my opinion, if the wedding is indoors, you will not need the neural density filter anyway. If you do have to use it, don't worry, it is very good on the GL2Regarding your question... Read More »