HTML5 Features in Chrome?

Answer Hypertext Markup Language is an authoring language used to created pages of websites. Since the invention of the Web in 1989, HTML's growth includes four major releases. HTML4 is the official versi... Read More »

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What's wrong with my html5?

For 3rd Column add this css.indent-right li{margin-left:30px !important;text-align: justify !important;}.quote{width: 84%; //make it 84% from 100%}

How to Use Forms in HTML5?

HTML Forms form the basis of every online form, from your mail sign up to your personal website making. HTML5 is the new version for HTML, and it adds many new things to old HTML.

Does ipad2 come with the HTML5?

Of course, it comes with a Safari Webkit-based browser.

Differences in HTML5 vs. CSS3?

Web design and development changes and matures, like any other consumer technology. New versions of languages are released regularly, and the design platforms that use them are updated and improved... Read More »