HTML coding help needed please?

Answer How to Make a Web Page:Knockout Tutorial: Build Dynamic, Interactive Web Pages Easily -…Getting started with HTML: Read More »

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Python coding help needed plz!!?

Bryce is incorrect. What you've done here is define a dictionary. And actually, you have defined several objects, just not the way you want.In Python *everything* is an object. Variables are object... Read More »

Need color changing help with a CSS/HTML code, please help?

OldGyms/LeagueName/LeaderTeam TypeStatusNewGyms/LeagueName/LeaderTeam TypeStatus

I need help with some CSS coding when it comes to aligning, please read?

Hi! Try creating a table inside your table row where you want the images to be displayed. Here is just some simple code that should help. I quickly done it in notepad, and my images are displaying ... Read More »

HTML coding for ask box on Tumblr?

You have to go on blog settings, and check the box that says Let people ask questions