HTML and Javascript?

Answer HTML (Hypertext markup language) developed mainly when the Web was text based still, it allowed a word to become a marker to hop to another location. Bells and whistles added to it allow such thing... Read More »

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HTML vs. JavaScript?

HTML and JavaScript are both languages used to make Web pages. The latest version of HTML--called "HTML 5"--was developed. The standards group, W3C, considered the needs of four basic languages in... Read More »

How to Add JavaScript to Your Website Using Html?

Here we will show you how to use JavaScript on your website. In this tutorial we will use notepad.

Programing basic HTML and JavaScript can you help?

Need a html or javascript or iframe code for following?

Doing this by JavaScript is VERY easy.Take a look at this link: a number between 1 and 3 and hit the button and the corresponding image will be displayed.