HSA Explained?

Answer A health savings account, also called an HSA, is a tax-exempt account that you set up to pay for medical expenses. It works like a personal savings account, but you can only use the money you put i... Read More »

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Cap & Trade Explained?

Cap and trade is essentially a market strategy that attempts to reduce the environmental impact of large-scale pollution emitters without crashing the US economy in the process. A successful cap an... Read More »

Car Brakes Explained?

When you press the brake pedal on your car, several things are going on. The force of your foot on the pedal is multiplied and converted to pressure; that pressure is transmitted through the system... Read More »

Sony LCD TVs Explained?

Sony is a well-trusted manufacturer of many great electronic products. LCD TVs are one of their greatest products. By evaluating some of the common features between LCD TVs Sony creates, you can fi... Read More »

Anthropology Explained?

From the Greek words anthropos, meaning human, and logia, meaning study, anthropology covers all aspects of human life, from past to present, from exotic to commonplace. Anthropologists want to kno... Read More »