HP printer won't print after cartridge clean.?

Answer If it isn't printing anything, take out the cartridges, power the printer Off (remove power cord if necessary), reinstall the cartridges & try it again. It may take a couple of tries for them to wo... Read More »

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How to Check the Print Cartridge Light After a Paper Jam on an HP Printer?

While most of the time a well maintained HP printer will provide excellent service, paper jams and other problems are bound to occur. Whether they are caused by misaligned paper, inferior paper sto... Read More »

My Epson Inkjet Printer doesn't print out black ink even after a new ink cartridge is installed!?

these are nasty old problems - yuk. i do know one major problems with epson printers. you CANNOT uninstall and reinstall the ink carts. once you pierce the hole in the bottom of the cart, when u... Read More »

My printer cartridge is not print out pictures that I tell it to print!!!!!!My printer is HP PSC 1410 and it?

Printer should be on and plugged inClick1)) Start - -> Run -- type oklook 4 Print Spooler .....Restart the service2))Restart the computer while the cable is unplugged....Replug... Read More »

Incorrect Print Cartridge(s) The following cartridge not intended for printer?

Refills have a bit a of high failure rate. and personally I have exactly zero success with them, unless its a lazer toner refilled by professionals Take it back to retailer, get your money back/exc... Read More »