HP printer wireless prints test only?

Answer Have you selected it as the default printer?Win7StartDevices and PrintersYou'll see the items...Select your printer and (R) clickChoose Set As Default

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Hp printer only prints test page?

go to "start" then "printer & faxes". see if you have that printer set as default. also make sure that printer isnt listed twice w/ one saying "copy 2". if there is a copy2 of that printer & you... Read More »

My printer prints out a test page every time I turn it on.?

If you have the same problem I did, you have changed ink cartridges and it wants to do an alignment procedure. It won't give up until it does. So, just once should be all that is necessary, feed it... Read More »

HP 1500 printer when I switch it on it always prints a test page with colour and b/w bars.How can I stop this?

Since you said this was a 1500 and that it uses ink, I am assuming you have an HP All-in-one printer PSC1510. Very likely, this is happening because you did not do the alignment for the cartridges.... Read More »

HP PSC 1510 printer always prints the test page before printing required document. How to prevent this?

Go in the Toolbox and uncheck where it says to print a test page on startup.I believe that is in the Service menu.