HP Printer Deskjet Ink Adv 2060 K110 cartridge issue. Anyone?

Answer Hi,Here are some answers for your questions...1. Yes you can print black-colored documents using the colored cartridge, but bear in mind that the software will TRY to calculate the amount of RED, G... Read More »

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I bought a #93 Hp Printer refill and originally myHp printer came with a #75 ink cartridge. Is there any issue?

Typically you have to match the HP cartridge numbers. However you could try to use the #93 HP Ink Cartridge and see if that works.…

Can an HP 3550 DeskJet printer print with only one cartridge?

An HP 3550 DeskJet printer can print with only one cartridge. If the color cartridge is the only cartridge in the DeskJet printer, color documents can only be printed. If the black cartridge is i... Read More »

Why does my kodak printer say "black ink cartridge not recognized. please replace cartridge"?

Disconnect the Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable from the back of the product, but leave the product turned onOpen the cover of the product and remove the print cartridgesClose the cover and wait fo... Read More »

Could anyone pls tell me the type of cartridge to be used in hcl h505 printer I lost the original cartridge?

hcl h505 is the model number?What is the name of the printer?