HP Pavilion Laptop - How do you make the screen brighter?

Answer I got one of these too, a few days ago. :)In the bottom right hand corner, there is a little icon of a plug and a bar. If you click on that it should give you three power options - HP recommended, ... Read More »

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How do I make my laptop's screen brighter?

The basic procedure is to find the buttons with a small screen drawn inside with small arrows pointing up then press the "fn" button.The name of the sign and "FN" button change with he model of the... Read More »

How to Replace an HP Pavilion Laptop Screen?

Taking apart your laptop screen may not be something you're interested in if you don't know very much about electronics or computers. But if you have a broken screen on your HP Pavilion there's rea... Read More »

How to Finger out Hp Pavilion Dv6000 Laptop Blank Screen?

My HP Pavilion DV6000 laptop screen goes blank after turning on the power switch. All lights are on except the hard disk light is not flashing. Tried install the recovery DVD, DVD drive lights flas... Read More »

How to Make the Screen on My HP 6230 Desktop Brighter?

If you use your computer for a variety of tasks, you may wish to adjust your monitor to accommodate certain activities. For example, you might prefer to view a brighter screen while processing Exce... Read More »