HP Pavilion - help?

Answer ok the bigger the number the more powerfull the computer is. i would go with the g6 because it has a bgger hardrive and more powerfull and it has a bigger screen

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Hp pavilion p6060a help?

Hello, HP support Forum this site will help with your problem or problems, and information that you may need...… ... Read More »

Help my hp pavilion laptop wont start up windows!!!!!?

Try pressing F2 to enter your BIOS and try disabling the "restart on boot" from there. Also you might need a windows CD in order to fix this problem. You need to have a copy of the same windows ins... Read More »

Please help! Hp pavilion dv6700 won't turn back on?

reset the laptopremove batteryremove supplyhold in the on button for 30 secsrefit supply NOT batteryrestart pc.if no luck, download seatools iso and QUICK surface scan the hard drive

I have a laptop its a Pavilion G7 and the wifi wont work. Please Help!!?

wifi isn't the same as the web. You use wifi to connect to a wireless network, and can only access the www if that network has internet access via an Internet Service Provider.Use control panel to ... Read More »