HP PRINTER All-in-one Scanner problem, help needed immediately?

Answer This is actually very common, that the 'scan' button does not work. Its easily fixed, as well. Lets look at the facts you've given us so far, your printer "copies", therefore the built in scanner w... Read More »

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Printer scanner problem?

What is the Make and Model of your scanner?What version of Windows Operation System are you running?What version of Microsoft Office do you have Installed?Not enough information.

Problem with my printer/scanner...?

Hi NiyonFirst, uninstall all the software. Now open the printer/scanner and disconnect the USB. Now install the software and it will ask you to connect the USB, do it. Let it continue to install.RE... Read More »

HELP (10 POINTS) IMMEDIATELY!!!!! My printer won't print from my computer!!!?

You could try turning the printer off, then on. If it's a USB, try unplugging it, then plugging back in (make sure both ends of the cable are connected securely). If that fails, try turning off y... Read More »

I have problem with my printer. Brother All in one. I changed all colors and it stillsay magenta refill needed?

have you removed the tape on it? probably it is also clogged..