HP Camera Refund Help, Advice Needed?

Answer Batteries are usually considered wear items and are probably not covered under the warranty. Get your warranty paperwork out and read it over to find out what it says for the specifics.Don't worry... Read More »

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Anybody, advice needed please?

The symptoms are indicative of Ménière's disease ( Also, maybe a blood sugar issue? Are you eating regularly? Go see another doctor for a second opinion if you ... Read More »

Advice needed!?

Try contacts, though you will need a seperate prescription for them and it takes time to get used to them. You also need to give your eyes a break now and then by wearing glasses.Laser eye surgery ... Read More »

How can I keep positive Advice needed please?

wow, your story really touched me. you are a very brave person and i'm so sorry you have had to go through all that.i'm trying to think of any advice i can give you...i was quite ill a few months a... Read More »

Which of these boots would be best for my bf-advice needed?

I would have to say choice number one. They look stylish but not uncomfortable and also practical. Good Luck!!