HP Camera Refund Help, Advice Needed?

Answer Batteries are usually considered wear items and are probably not covered under the warranty. Get your warranty paperwork out and read it over to find out what it says for the specifics.Don't worry... Read More »

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Help and advice needed for rhododendrons and camellias...?

the rhododendrons will survivethey are very common where i come fromwhich is a very hot and arid placethe camellias need a lot of water but are not drought resistant (according to my research)those... Read More »

Previous suffer of deep vein thrombosis clot behind knee.But advice on running & exercise needed Help?

with such a history, prudent not to run. wallk is best. fast paced is ok but not power walk.the consequence can be disastrous.american doctors love to give any advice for as long as we go back to... Read More »

I need camera lens help and advice please?

I suggest considering the following lenses for your kit:1) AF-S Micro-Nikkor 60mm f2.8G ED. This is a true macro lens and will give you a 1:1 (life size) image. If you photograph an ant that measur... Read More »

Help[ needed for digital camera?

Try here:…