HP C5580 Scanner only scans a completely black page. What is going on?

Answer When you scan the original, put it face down on the glass and make SURE the lid is closed or you will get just that, a black screen.

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My scanner only scans a portion of the page?

You need to tell the scanner to scan more of the page or set the program differently. How you do that would depend entirely on what scanner you own, what software you use, and what operating system... Read More »

My scanner scans each page as a separate file. how can I scan all the pages to a single file?

Try using the MP Navigator software your PIXMA MX892 came bundled with. In the program, click 'Scan/Import' in the top-left corner (if you don't see this, click the arrow in the bottom-left corner ... Read More »

My scanner only scans part of a picture?

Make sure that you have extended the mask when you are in preview mode. The MASK is the outline over your document which you can extend from all sides to include all the document you want to scan. ... Read More »

A film scanner that scans 127 slides?

Photoshop can work with any scanner as long as your scanner supports it. To scan 127 slides isn't an issue. HP G-4010 can scan 12 slides at a time. But if oyu need a bigger scanner, you will have t... Read More »