HP C3180 Scanning Help pls?

Answer insert cd (hp c3180 printer) in cd drive and install software for scanner. your scanner missing device. good luck !

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How do you put pictures from a disposable camera onto your computer with or without scanning but without scanning would be more helpful?

You bring your disposable camera to a local Walgreens. They can either take the photos out and you would have to scan them or they can put it on a disk from a extra fee.

My hp c3180 will not print different sizes?

I work with Corel over 30 years so I know the software and what to do. At 5 %, the resolution is still great and it doesn't change the actual size of the file, or page layout etc...even if you save... Read More »

How to show ink levels on hp c3180?

In Windows XP, click on Start, then "Printers and Faxes" which is either by itself or under "Control Panel".Next, right-click on your printer and choose "properties". Click on the "General" tab, t... Read More »

Can HP C3180 printer cartridges be refilled?

HP C3180 printer cartridges can be refilled with black or color ink. Remanufactured HP C3180 printer cartridges are refilled and sold online. Refill kits for the HP C3180 are also sold online for a... Read More »