HP 7960 Instructions?

Answer The HP 7960 printer has multiple capabilities such as printing vibrant photos, creating artistic projects and even printing directly from a memory card in your camera. It requires four different ca... Read More »

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What printer cartridges does the hp photosmart 7960 take?

There are four ink cartridges available for the HP Photosmart 7960. Number 56 is for black ink and number 57 is for color. There are two specialty cartridges, number 58 for photos and number 59 f... Read More »

What type of headset do i need for a Cisco IP 7960 series phone?

The Cisco IP 7960 series phones are compatible with either a four-wire or six-wire headset jack. The headset has to be Plantronics H series compatible. The Cisco IP phone series 7940 and 7960 are c... Read More »

Instructions for Just for Men?

Growing older often means going gray, but not everyone wants to advertise their age. Some men prefer to cover their gray hair in order to maintain a more youthful appearance. Just For Men is a line... Read More »

Tie Rod Instructions?

Tie rods are part of every automobile's steering mechanism. They operate in both tension and compression, allowing them to affect the alignment of the vehicle's wheels to compensate for changing ro... Read More »