HP 5514 printer Tray?

Answer You will never find a replacement tray anywhere else except from HP. You can ask the customer support how can you order one.

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Do you leave paper in your printer tray Won't dust collect on the paper and ruin your printer/prints?

i just leave it in there. but i also print something almost every day, so there isn't much time for dust to gather.

Where can I get new input tray for my printer?

sorry dear even i too search it thorugh but i did't got any,,,,,i am extremly sorry abt this,,,i will try out more and let u know,,pls don mind.....

How do I get my Samsung printer to print envelopes in tray one?

Go to this link. Simple and it works.…;_ylt=A0oG…

Hp psc 1510 printer... paper jams or empty tray?

make sure there's no foreign objects in the printer (coins, keys, pens, and stuff like that). If you're brave enough to pull it apart and see what's causing the jam (most likely it's something stuc... Read More »