HP 3015 printer will not print?

Answer The printer driver in the computer may not have the correct network IP address or Host Name of the printer in the Port setup. Print out a configuration page from the printer & check it against what... Read More »

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How do I Perform Printer Maintenance on a Laserjet 3015?

Whether you use your HP LaserJet 3015 for home or business, proper maintenance will have a direct impact on how long it lasts and on the quality of its printouts. Performing regular maintenance can... Read More »

My printer cartridge is not print out pictures that I tell it to print!!!!!!My printer is HP PSC 1410 and it?

Printer should be on and plugged inClick1)) Start - -> Run -- type oklook 4 Print Spooler .....Restart the service2))Restart the computer while the cable is unplugged....Replug... Read More »

HP printer 5850 prints a test print automatically after each print command is executed!?

This will fix that problem for youPlease follow exactly and IN ORDER.1. Turn off the printer and wait 10 seconds. Turn it on again2. Let the printer print the test page.3. After the test page is pr... Read More »

How can we print a print file created in MS word directly from command prompt with a printer connected to usb.?

You can "share' your own (or any) printer, and map it to LPT1 via NET USE. net use lpt1 \\yourpc\sharename /persistent:yes If you still want to print from MS Word via the command prompt, seems that... Read More »