HP 2600n - can't print landscape mode?

Answer on the mac it's file->page setup.I see it here in my browser. which app are you using?I just rotated a pdf in good ol' preview, didn't even have to use page setup!but it only goes 1 way per print c... Read More »

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I accidentally put my computer into landscape mode! HELP!!?

ctrl+alt+ up arrow. other arrows work with the same combo so feel free to mess with your friends this way.

How do you print a photo landscape on half of the page?

Look for page set up or proprieties and you can set it there...

How to Print in Landscape View in Excel With Open Office?

Document orientation can be the difference between a document that looks either too crowded or too spaced out and a document that looks perfect. Adjusting settings in printer properties allows you ... Read More »

How to Print in RGB Mode?

Graphic designers have a wide range of color options available to them. These options include the less commonly used Grayscale and Pantone color profiles, and the industry standard RGB (red, green,... Read More »