HOw to change my name in facebook help plz?

Answer Click the 'down arrow' sign beside 'home' tab at the top right. Click account setting and in general you will see your name. Click edit then done.

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How do I change my name on facebook I entered it without spelling my whole last name?

Edit one or two letter at a time over multiple edits. Sometimes Facebook will reject a name if you start adding all of them at the same time.

Change name on facebook?

Login to your Facebook AccountGo to Account SettingUnder Name click "Edit"Make the necessary changes as you requireNote that it usually takes 24 hours to confirm name changes.

Can I change my name on Facebook?

sure, just go to your settings page where your name box is and click on edithowever, keep in mind that you can only change it 3 times, so if you have already changed it 3 times, facebook wont let y... Read More »

How to Change my Facebook name?

once you change it too many times, facebook locks it, because they expect you to always use your real name