HOw do I make Ginger tea.WHat are it's uses?

Answer There are more than one variety of tea and ginger tea. I would like to explain how I do it. Take some ginger (again the quantity varies with your taste) and crush it till it have no segment which i... Read More »

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Uses for ginger chews or ginger hard candy?

Have they got real ginger in them? If so, they can be good against motion sickness (suck on them as soon as you board a vehicle). Ginger is also supposed to be good for the digestion, and to warm u... Read More »

Cosmetic Uses of White Ginger?

A native of India and the Himalayas, white ginger lily (Hedychium coronarium) is known for its heady, overpowering fragrance, and pure white flowers that resemble butterflies. The Dai people, who l... Read More »

Homemade Beauty Uses for Ginger Root?

When fresh, ginger root is thick, brown-skinned and tuberous. This root has long been used in savory Asian dishes and for baking, but it has some surprising uses, as well. Ginger root has anti-infl... Read More »

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