HOw do I keep people from tagging their selves in my photos on Facebook?

Answer Go to privacy settings>> Timeline & Tagging>> make the last option as "no one". then no one can tag your photos

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Is there any way to prevent people from tagging your pics on facebook?

Go to the triangle next to your name, and select Privacy Settings. Scroll down, and you will find Timeline and Tagging. Select Edit, and tweak the settings to suit your personal preferences. Ple... Read More »

How to Use Facebook Tagging?

On Facebook, you can tag friends and fan pages on photos, wall posts, comments and status updates. At the time of publication, tagging is enabled on Facebook personal profiles by default. On a Face... Read More »

My Mom keeps tagging me on Facebook?

She probably likes the photos and feels the rest of the world will too. It is best to ask her not to any more as it draws unwanted attention to you. If she persists inform Facebook. You might want... Read More »

Can people tell when you look at their photos on facebook?

Pure, creepy, coincidence.Facebook does not allow any type of tracking devices on their site since they violate their Privacy Policy, so there's no way any of the girls could have known you were lo... Read More »