HOw can i send scanned copies of any documents to someone on computer?

Answer if internet connectivity is there then send it through mail as attachment or share it in some file hosting website. or copy the scanned documents in cd/pendrive and then copy it in there computer.

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Scanned documents from jpeg settings. I want to print them as documents?

Open your avorite word processor and use the INSERT command to add them to your project or NEW document and print from that screen.

How to Convert Scanned Documents to PDF?

Practically any document can be converted to Portable Document Format (PDF) using the Adobe Acrobat software. You can create a PDF from scratch (a blank page), import an existing document, such as ... Read More »

How can i alter documents that i have scanned?

Easy to fixDownload FreeOCR. It will read your scans as long as they are saved in Jpeg format.Open the scanned document and it will open it automatically in MS Word for you to edit and you can re-s... Read More »

Why can I select text in some of my own scanned pdf documents, but not others?

I suppose that is because of the OCR function. OCR is used to recognize the text in a image. Your PC must have a program that equipped with OCR and that is why you were able to select text on the d... Read More »