HOW much does John Millet weight?

Answer 450 pounsd

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What is the weight for a 450G John Deere dozer?

A standard track 450G TC weighs 15,932 pounds. The wide track weighs 16,888 pounds and the long track 16,510 pounds. The low-ground-pressure (LGP) model weighs 17,432 pounds. The 450G DD weighs 200... Read More »

How do you grow millet?

I think you mean mullet. You can grow a mullet by going to a barber or beautician and telling them to cut your hair to where you may grow a mullet. or you can just shave the front and sides of your... Read More »

Is millet a carbohydrate?

Millet is a grain which is composed of approximately 63 to 70% total carbohydrates; depending on the species of millet. Millet has a relatively low glycemic index compared to other cereal and grains.

How do I cook millet?

Wash and Prepare the MilletSift through the millet, removing any small rocks or dirt. Rinse the millet under cold running water to remove any residue.Cook the Millet on the StoveCombine 1 part mill... Read More »