HOW do i get a splinter out wothout screaming and crying!!!?

Answer If you must scream, then scream. But seriously, soak it for a few minutes in warm water with Epsom Salts. This makes it easier to work with. A sterilized tweezer and needle always works for me. ... Read More »

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How do you know your irons are low wothout having a blood test?

you will have conjunctival pallor... esp. in lower eyelids... pallor over palms.. easy fatiguability... tiredness..

Are the GPS on iPhone 3G free wothout WiFi Connection?

Are there any AT&T coverage bar things on your iPhone? if there are, you should be able to use the GPS. You're already paying for the data plan(they force you to),so why not? It's $30 per month, so... Read More »

Why am i happy one minute then crying then next, then hyper then crying again?

most of the time it's because of your hormones i get that way to and you don't have to be on your period to have them either.

How to Look Gothic Without Your Mom Screaming at You?

Want to try the Gothic style, but are you afraid that your parents might become upset? Here are some tips that might help you out. Wearing Gothic clothes can be exciting and fun, but you might upse... Read More »