HOW MANY Point has disobey sign?

Answer If the ticket happened in Ontario, any turn ticket has 2 demerit points. Even a ticket issued under a city/town bylaw. You can see a complete list of Ontario demerit points at Read More »

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Why do children disobey their parents?

children disobey their parents, usually in the teenage as in this age children are getting mature and want to enjoy and all the time have fun, but this the parents can not tolerate, and they think ... Read More »

What happens to U.S soldiers today that disobey a direct order?

I am joining the marines and I have a DWI If I sign up now with a job class without any clearance requirement can I at some point qualify for a clearance and move on to a more desirable job?

At what point to you adjust your speed when you see a change in speed limit sign?

As you cross the sign you should be at the posted speed limit. Most of the time there is a pre-speed reduction sign a few hundred yards ahead if the actual speed lot sign. Just