HOW Do I Change the Name on my Yahoo Account?

Answer OK go to my account it's right next to the sign out button click that and type in your password again (security reason) then go down to Address/Contact Information and there should be a button the... Read More »

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How to Change Your Birthdate on a Yahoo! Account?

To reset your password using your security question, or retrieve a forgotten Yahoo! ID, you must first confirm the ZIP code, country code and birthday listed in your account information. If the bir... Read More »

How to Change My Yahoo Messenger Account?

Yahoo! Messenger, instant messaging that is available to international users, allows participants to communicate through text messaging, webcam, PC-to-PC calls, and PC-to-phone calls. Yahoo! Messen... Read More »

I want to unsubscribe my yahoo account from facebook because my yahoo account has been hacked?

First,You log into facebook account and Click Settings icon on the top right corner of your facebook account.Then select 'Account Settings'.Then select Apps tab from left side listed.If there,Yahoo... Read More »

Can an employer read your yahoo emails if you log-on to your yahoo account at work?

They can pull everything up on that harddrive and see everywhere you have been on that compter.