How are you related if your great grandmother is their grandmother?

Answer If your great grandmother is some other person's grandmother, then that person is related to you as one of the following:your mother or fatheryour aunt or uncleYour first cousin, once removed

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If a mother writes a letter giving custody of her children to the grandmother can the grandmother demand child support from the mother?

Answer The grandmother would need to gain legal custody before she can petition the court for monetary support. Unless the court terminated the rights of the mother she probably would be ordered to... Read More »

My step daughters live w their mom and grandmother the grandmother keeps putting diapers on the 5 yr old when she doesn't need them the mother also will not allow her to wear panties is this abuse?

What is the relationship between 2 people when ones great grandmother is the others great grandmother?

When two people have the same great grandmother, depending on whether they also have other, closer, relatives in common they could be: siblingsfirst cousinssecond cousins

Grandmother VS Father.. Cusotdy given to the Grandmother.. What Does Father Need to Do?

You must prove to the state that you are fit both financially and mentally to take care of that child. You should also obtain a lawyer if possible and consult with him your case.