HOW DO I get rid of a TrOGAN virus, I got while online!!!?

Answer DON'T GET NORTON.NORTON TRULY SUCKS,AND IT'S OVERRATED!IT SLOWS YOUR COMPUTER DOWN,AND IT ISN'T THAT GOOD!Trust me,when I tell you the best ones to get are SuperAntiSpyware,Ad-Aware,and The Ccleane... Read More »

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Computer Viruses / Trogan?

I got on my computer Avira Antivir and ThreatFire both are free to download…'s just added protection

Online virus checker?

I use AVG free version and it's very thorough, it takes aaaaaages to complete and scans every nook and cranny of your pc!You could also try deleting your cookies, and running the de-frag thingy, th... Read More »

Is it possible to get a virus on a ipod touch while browsing the web?

No viruses, in terms of crap that would take over your ipod touch and corrupt files, but it is possible, that programs or websites would get into your secret files and information. Just be careful ... Read More »

Bad Virus! Free ONLINE Scanner?

Any one or all of these should help BitDefenders FREE OnLine Scan This will remove what it finds at NO CHARGE…........or Trend Micro's House call can be f... Read More »