HONESTLY...if u want 10 POINTS OPEN....HELP!?

Answer omg so easypost the picture and add effects tothe words =]]]send it to meh ill fix it 4 u

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Want to make some easy exra points?

Hmmm i have always wondered that. Maybe its cuz china is the one that makes all the technology like ya know the MADE IN CHINA signs but i dont really know, just a guess

I want to put a crazy color in my jet black hair... 10 points?

Id go for a midnight blue. Like a really hot blue. Its so freakin hot. Ive done it for a hair show before. And in the summer time I have done hot pink under my hair so when I put my hair up in a po... Read More »

I want to run fast and have a fit athletic muscly body,10 points.?

eat more, drink protein if you wantpushups are a chest exerciseif you want to be a fast runner, you need stamina and speed. run more and do short bursts (30 secs to 1 minute) of extremely fast runn... Read More »

WANT AN EASY 10 POINTS!! tell me what you think of this...?

Its a pretty good laptop. my friend in college has one. The speakers suckkkkk. sound quality sounds like its coming from a battery powered fm radio. Price is a downside, but then again, laptops are... Read More »