(HL2) SMD's to MDL's How do I get it to work?

Answer SMD stands for StudioMDL Data. They contain either the model itself, or animations. For a simple prop, there should only be 2 SMDs: The model, and the collision model. The collision model is the sa... Read More »

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Which lights are brighter leds or smds?

SMD's will be more brighter to the human eye.

Contractor did work then additional work.ruined original work.had to be redone by another contractor at considerable more insurance says nocoverage on his own work- can this be tru?

Perhaps, if you would like to provide details, I could maybe be of more assistance, try using the discussion area.

Can a person who got injury on work and is on disability insurance work part time doing light work?

This one depends on the limits of your disability insurance. If you are on Social Security Disability (SSD), you must report that you are working but you are allowed to work a few hours and dependi... Read More »

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