HID Lights Vs. Xenon?

Answer HID lights and HID xenon lights are the same thing. Both employ the inert gas, xenon, as the primary gas that replaces the filament in high intensity discharge light bulbs. Some halogen headlights ... Read More »

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How to Install Xenon Lights?

Xenon lights are a modification for many makes and models of cars. Xenon lights pull less power from a car but put out about 25 percent more light. They also have a wider berth, which means xenon h... Read More »

Are xenon lights dimmable?

Xenon lights are dimmable with a standard dimmer switch. Xenon lights are incandescent bulbs that contain xenon gas and produce a light that is not quite as yellow as that from a regular incandesce... Read More »

How to Replace Xenon Lights?

Xenon lights use inert Xenon gas in the bulb chamber to amplify the luminance. These are among the most powerful bulbs available to consumers today. Many modern cars and luxury vehicles are equippe... Read More »

How to Install HID Xenon Lights?

High-intensity-discharge (HID) xenon headlights have three major differences compared with halogen headlights: xenon and other noble gas headlamps employ ballast to regulate/maintain the electrical... Read More »