HI-SPEED USB Device Attached To non-HI-SPEED Hub?

Answer What it means is, you are not able to transfer files at the highest possible speed. Usually this means you have a USB 1.1 device connected to a 1.0 hub, or a 2.0 device connected to a 1.0 or 1.1 hu... Read More »

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Too many requirements for a circuit design that can be described here,but may be possible to do with thermal switches and some relays.Start by drawing diagrams of single-pole double-throw switchest... Read More »

How do i fix the "a hi-speed usb device is plugged into a non-hi-speed usb hub" error message.?

Judging by the info that you have provided, your problem is either 1 of 3 problems.1. The hub that you're using is either set to USB 1.1 (if it can support USB 1.1 & 2) or it is only a USB 1.1 hub.... Read More »

It is normal that my cpu core speed become 100% after i attached my usb ethernet adapater?

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